About Us

Sia H. Pickett is the owner of Malata Cuisine, a personal Natural Foods chef service in Brooklyn, NY. Sia is a certified community chef, health coach, a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a student of Escoffier Culinary School. She has over twenty years of holistic cooking and trainer experience. Ms. Pickett is very passionate about educating the community about life style options as it pertains to cooking healthy food and overall health.
Sia grew up with her two traditional southern grandmothers, who cooked garden fresh healthy foods, (the original "Farm to Table")
“I became apprentice under their tutelage at the age of 6, the knowledge and training I received has been priceless."
As Sia explored her culinary skills through various workshops and chefs training, she developed a style of cooking traditional whole foods, but preparing them in new innovative and healthier ways.
"Nutritional intake has helped me maintain my relative good health and be an example to others." "I'm happy to cook nutritional meals, showing my knowledge and skills on how to make healthy foods that are delicious and tasty to anyone who wants to eat". "It allows me to follow my God given intuitive talent and passion of helping people feel better and enjoy live healthy lives through diet"
As the old saying goes "We Are What We Eat" and health and food are synonymous.
Chef Sia-